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Wellness and Work/Life Balance & EAP Program Registration

Wellness & Work/Life Balance Wellness Classes and Programs!


Wellness Walks!



Join our Wellness Walks program!  Starting the Tuesday, 9/22 on North and Wednesday, 9/23 on South. Receive some walking tips, have the opportunity to win some prizes and learn more about walking for fun and health through our campus walks!

Yoga   Description   Register

 This gentle yoga class is great way to to learn basic yoga postures. Expect a gentle practice and to be guided through transitions in a slow manner and with awareness. Yoga can help with the strengthening of the musculature that supports the body. Join us and reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer. This is an eight-week course offered every Tuesday starting 9/23/14.

Tai Chi Description Register

Tai Chi is ancient Chinese exercise. Adults at all levels of Physical prowess can practice the gentle movements without straining joints and muscles. Tai Chi developes a coordination of mind and body, releases stress, strengthens and stretches the entire body, thus improving flexibility, balance, and mobility. This is an eight-week course offered every Wednesday starting 9/24/14.

Resistance Band Training Description Register

Strength training is important for everyone of all ages. Using resistance bands and body weight exercises this class will provide an opportunity to engage in strength training in a controlled, monitored environment.  With the addition of some core training this truly is a full body workout. This is an eight-week course offered every Thursday starting 9/25/14.

Fit and Fuel Description Register

This challenge, similar to the previous Eat Well Live Well program, requires that you keep track of how many steps you take, and keep track of how many cups of fruits or vegetables you eat. You will be expected to enter your steps/cups into your personal online tracker! Join solo or as a team!Each week runs from Sunday to Saturday and you will have until Wednesday to enter your steps/cups from the previous week. This is an eight-week program starting Sunday, October 12.

  Description Register
Chubb Real Estate
First Time Homebuyer to Empty Nester... How to Buy and Sell
Whether you are a first time home buyer or empty nester learn about the buying and selling process from representatives of Chubb Real Estate
  Description Register
Chubb Real Estate
Preparing You Home for Sale...Maximizing Your Value
Learn from representatives of Chubb real estate how you can prepare your home for sale in order to maximize your value!
  Description Register
Investing 101
Provides a basic understanding of investment types, styles and strategies to help your employees make informed decisions. Lunch will be served


UB EAP Workshops


2nd Annual Stress Less Retreat Day

Gold Sponsor:

Silver Sponsor:


 Morning session

November 19, 8:15 am - 12:15 pm, Center for Tomorrow

Leave your stress behind! Morning schedule includes: Daniel Rifkin, MD on "Sleep Your Stress Away," Meditation with Bharat Jayaraman, Ph.D. or Jennifer Lewis Drew, and Therapy Dogs.


Lunch session

November 19, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, Center for Tomorrow

Morning and/or Afternoon participants may register to join us for a FREE healthy lunch!


Afternoon session

November 19, 1:30 pm - 5 pm, Center for Tomorrow

Leave your stress behind! Afternoon schedule includes: Tai Chi, Yoga, and Benefits of Aromatherapy.


EAP Tools for Supervisors: Helping You Mange the Tough Issues




December 5, 9 am - 1 pm, Crofts Hall 

This class is for ALL supervisors. You will learn how your UB Employee Assistance Program can help you, the supervisor, manage challenging workplace situations.



UB EAP Groups

Click on the title to view group flyer.

Working Parents
Learn to Balance your Work and Family! Moms & dads are welcome!

To join, email Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner:

Caregiver Support Group
Caregivers of aging parents & loved ones meet for support & resources.

Call Sue Bagdasarian 645-8167 to join!

Caring for Special Needs Group
Are you a loved one caring for a special needs child or adult? Get support, resources, and a listening ear.

Call Debbie Hard, 645-4460 to join this group and learn more.



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