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Wellness and Work/Life Balance & EAP Program Registration

Wellness & Work/Life Balance Wellness Classes and Programs!


Yoga   Description   Register

 This gentle yoga class is great way to to learn basic yoga postures. Expect a gentle practice and to be guided through transitions in a slow manner and with awareness. Yoga can help with the strengthening of the musculature that supports the body. Join us and reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer. Tuesday at 5:15 pm North Campus!

Tai Chi Description Register

Tai Chi is ancient Chinese exercise. Adults at all levels of Physical prowess can practice the gentle movements without straining joints and muscles. Tai Chi develops a coordination of mind and body, releases stress, strengthens and stretches the entire body, thus improving flexibility, balance, and mobility. Wednesday at 5:15 pm North Campus

Resistance Band Training Description Register

Strength training is important for everyone of all ages. Using resistance bands and body weight exercises this class will provide an opportunity to engage in strength training in a controlled, monitored environment.  With the addition of some core training this truly is a full body workout. Thursday at 5:15 pm North Campus

Weight Watchers Description Register

Bring Weight Watchers at Work to your office! Only 15-20 interested participants are needed to run a class in your own conference room. 15 people are needed for a 12-week session and 20 people are needed for a 17-week session. Once enough participants are interested we will announce the session location, date and time!

Express Fitness Class Description Register

Group classes will incorporate elements of power yoga, Pilates, and body weight training designed build core, upper body and lower body strength. This dynamic workout is low impact and is designed to tone and strengthen the body. Offered MWF from 12:15 pm to 12:45 pm starting 2/9/15 in room 25 Diefendorf Annex. Cost: $50.00 

Aerobics Dance Class Description Register

10 week aerobic dance program with group classes consisting of moderate to high-intensity aerobic dance followed by exercises directed to improve core and upper body strength. Exercises are varied from week to week and are modified to suit your unique needs within a fun and motivating environment. Offered TR from 4:30 - 5:30 pm starting 2/10/15 in room 25 Diefendorf Annex. Cost: $40.00 

Couch to 5K Description Register

Beginners running program where trainees will meet three times a week.  Classes will include a combination drills, injury prevention, body weight training and walk/run intervals to build strength and improve stamina. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace in a fun and challenging environment. Our instructors are willing to work with you to take you as far as you are willing to go. Offered MWF from 5:00 - 6:00 pm starting 2/9/15 at the Alumni Arena jogging track.


UB EAP Workshops


Caring for Others (Five-part Elder Care Series)



What's Out There for Seniors and Those Who Care for Them in Erie County?

February 10, Noon - 1pm, 280 Park Hall

The mission of the Erie County Department of Senior Services is to help our community's senior citizens maintain active independent lives.  Not knowing where to turn or help can often be confusing.  Miriam Callahan, Program Coordinator and Adina Garfinkel, Caregiver Resource Center Case Manager share information about local services and programs such as housing options, financial assistance for those on limited incomes, health insurance, and home delivered meals.   The Caregiver Resource Center offers information, one on one assistance, and programs to help the family caregiver as that person cares for their loved one.    "Powerful Tools for Caregivers" classes, "Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home" and "Memory Café" are some examples of these resources.  Don't miss this one!


Understanding & Managing Challenging Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia 

February 24, Noon - 1pm, 280 Park Hall

Laura Wray, PhD, neuropsychologist and Asst. Professor of Clinical Medicine at UB will help you understand and learn to manage challenging behavioral symptoms that your loved one may be demonstrating due to dementia. Bring a family member or friend.


The Importance of Environment for Elders Aging in Place

March 10, Noon - 1pm, 280 Park Hall

Laura Lien, PhD Assistant Professor , Dept. of Rehab Science, SPHHP This session will focus on the importance of the built environment (particularly housing) in the health and well being of older adults, especially those with functional limitations.  Issues related to accessibility, usability, and the meaning of “home” will be discussed.  Potential approaches to help support independence and quality of life for older adults wishing to age in place, will also be discussed.


Understanding Geriatric Case Management and the New "Villages" Movement

March 24, Noon - 1pm, 280 Park Hall

There have been many changes in current trends regarding quality care for elders, whether aging in their own homes or elsewhere. Join the discussion as Toby Laping, PhD, MSW  and Kristin Surdej, LMSW,CMC Geriatric Care Manager & Owner, from Laping & Associates, LLC share their expertise and answer your questions.  Learn how can geriatric care managers assist you with hospital admission, coverage for rehab in nursing homes, Medicaid managed long term care options in the community and recent additions to assisted living options with enhanced care.  Hear what's new in the "Villages" movement, that helps keep the essence of 'being at home' close for the elder person, no matter where he or she is living.


Home Modifications and Assistive Devices to Support Aging-in-place 

April 7, Noon - 1pm, 280 Park Hall

Jim Lenker, PhD, OTR/L,  Associate Professor, Dept. of Rehab Science, Program Director, Advanced Graduate Certificate in Assistive & Rehab Technology will discuss strategies or home modification and assistive devices that can support the functional independence, comfort, and safety for older adults and their caregivers.


Working In a Diverse Environment:  Integrating Cultural Competence In Your Everyday Work




March 11, 10am - Noon,  324 Crofts Hall

Presenter:  Sharon Nolan-Weiss, Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Competence is the ability to interact effectively and respectfully with people of various cultures and backgrounds.  Culture includes not only ethnic or regional differences, but also differences based on gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and other factors that make us unique. UB's diversity makes communicating across differences essential to effective job performance.  Join us for this workshop that will focus on building cultural competence, including fostering an awareness of our own culture and its norms, understanding verbal and non-verbal communication across cultures, identifying and challenging biases, and managing conflict that can result from cultural misunderstandings.



Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace






April 15, 10am - 11:30am,  142 Crofts Hall

Come learn about the Employee Assistance Program’s newly-expanded Mediation & Conflict Resolution Model.  (Yes, Mediation, not Meditation).  One of our mediation experts will describe conflict development, and the problems that unresolved conflict can cause.  The discussion will then focus on the benefits of mediation, and how EAP can help parties through the mediation process.  Workshop participants will be able to identify the impact that conflict has in the workplace, and learn about an initiative that can help produce peace in their lives and/or that of their work team. 

Stress Less Retreat



Leave your stress behind! Join us for the morning and/or afternoon sessions to discover and explore a myriad of techniques, resources, and information proven to reduce your stress!

Morning session:

April 29, 8:15am - 12:30pm, Center for Tomorrow 

Morning session includes Daniel Rifkin, MD on "Sleep Your Stress Away," Meditation with Bharat Jayaraman, PhD or Jennifer Lewis Drew, and Therapy Dogs. 


FREE healthy lunch available to morning and/or afternoon participants!


Afternoon Session:

April 29, 1:30pm - 5pm, Center for Tomorrow

Afternoon session includes Tai Chi, Yoga, and Benefits of Aromatherapy.  

EAP Tools for Supervisors: Helping You Manage the Tough Issues 




May 6, 9am - 1pm, EOC Downtown

This is a class for ALL supervisors. You will learn how the UB Employee Assistance program can help you, the supervisor, manage challenging and sometimes very stressful workplace situations that can impact your ability to manage your people well and get the job done. This class is instructor led, with stimulating activities, real case studies, and the expertise of and interaction with fellow supervisors.


UB EAP Groups

Click on the title to view group flyer.

Working Parents
Learn to Balance your Work and Family! Moms & dads are welcome!

To join, email Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner:

Caregiver Support Group
Caregivers of aging parents & loved ones meet for support & resources.

Call Sue Bagdasarian 645-8167 to join!

Caring for Special Needs Group
Are you a loved one caring for a special needs child or adult? Get support, resources, and a listening ear.

Call Debbie Hard, 645-4460 to join this group and learn more.



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